The Stacks

Think of this as the stacks for the blog.  Here you will find a list, alphabetized by author, of every book I have reviewed.

Acosta, Marta   Dark Companion
Alexie, Sherman The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian 

Alphin, Elaine Marie An Unspeakable Crime:  The Prosecution and Persecution of Leo Frank 

Anastasiu, Heather  Glitch

Anderson, Laurie Halse Twisted

Angelini, Josephine  Dreamless

Angelini, Josephine Starcrossed

Armentrout, Jennifer Obsidian

Armentrout, Jennifer  Onyx

Armstrong, Kelley The Gathering

Balog, Cyn Starstruck

Balog, Cyn  Touched

Banks, Anna Of Poseidon

Bardugo, Leigh Shadow and Bone

Bedard, Michael The Green Man

Beyer, Kat   The Demon Catchers of Milan

Black, Holly Ironside

Black, Yelena     Dance of Shadows

Bloom, M. Beth  Drain You

Bracken, Alexandra  The Darkest Minds

Bray, Libba Beauty Queens

Bronte, Charlotte Jane Eyre:  the graphic novel

Brothers, Meagan Supergirl Mixtapes

Bunce, Elizabeth C. A Curse Dark as Gold

Buzo, Laura  Love and Other Perishable Items

Cabot, Meg Abandon

Cabot, Meg    Underworld

Carey, Anna Eve

Carmack, Cora   Losing It 

Carter, Aimee Goddess Interrupted

Carter, Aimee The Goddess Test

Clare, Cassandra City of Fallen Angels

Clare, Cassandra  City Of Lost Souls

Clare, Cassandra Clockwork Angel

Clare, Cassandra Clockwork Prince

Collins, Suzanne Mockingjay

Condie, Ally Matched

Cordova, Zoraida  The Vicious Deep

Cremer, Andrea Nightshade 

Cremer, Andrea  Rift

Crewe, Megan The Way We Fall

Crompton, Laurie Boyle      Blaze (or Love in the Time of Supervillains)

Cross, Sarah Kill Me Softly

Crossan, Sarah     Breathe

Dane, Jordan On a Dark Wing

Darling, Tellulah      Sam Cruz's Infallible Guide to Getting Girls

Darnell, Melissa   Covet

Darnell, Melissa Crave

Dashner, James The Maze Runner

de la Cruz, Melissa Misguided Angel

Dennard, Susan  Something Strange and Deadly

Derting, Kimberly The Pledge

Despain, Bree The Lost Saint

Dessen, Sarah Just Listen

Eulberg, Elizabeth Prom and Prejudice

Faegen, Trinity The Mephisto Coven

Faegen, Trinity     The Mephisto Kiss

Fama, Elizabeth Monstrous Bea

Fantaskey, Beth Jessica’s Guide to Dating on the Dark Side

Fitzpatrick, Becca Crescendo

Fitzpatrick, Becca Hush, Hush

Fitzpatrick, Becca Silence

Fitzpatrick, Huntley My Life Next Door

Grant, Sara Dark Parties

Gray, Claudia Afterlife

Green, John Looking for Alaska

Green, John and David Levithan Will Grayson, Will Grayson

Hale, Shannon Midnight in Austenland

Hamilton, Kersten In the Forests of the Night

Hamilton, Kersten Tyger, Tyger

Hand, Cynthia Hallowed

Hand, Cynthia Unearthly

Harkness, Deborah   A Discovery of Witches

Harkness, Deborah   Shadow of Night

Hayes, Gwen Falling Under

Henderson, Lauren   Flirting in Italian

Herbach, Geoff Stupid Fast

Howard, A.G.     Splintered

Hubbard, Mandy Prada and Prejudice

Ivie Henderson, Mette Tris and Izzie

Jay, Stacey     Juliet Immortal

Jay, Stacey      Romeo Redeemed

Johnson, Maureen Devilish

Jones, Carrie Endure

Jones, Carrie Entice

Kacvinsky, Katie Awaken

Kagawa, Julie The Immortal Rules

Kagawa, Julie The Iron Daughter

Kagawa, Julie The Iron King

Kagawa, Julie The Iron Knight

Kagawa, Julie The Iron Queen

Kallen, Stuart A. The Mystery Library:  Witches

Katcher, Brian Playing with Matches

Kate, Lauren Fallen

Kate, Lauren Passion

Kate, Lauren Torment

Keaton, Kelly  A Beautiful Evil

Keaton, Kelly Darkness Becomes Her

Kenneally, Miranda Catching Jordan

Kenneally, Miranda     Stealing Parker

Khoury, Jessica Origin

Kinney, Jeff Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Larkin, Jillian Vixen

Lawrence, Theo    Mystic City

Lawson, Angel   Wraith 

LaZebnik, Claire  Epic Fail
Leavitt, Lindsey Sean Griswold’s Head

Lefevers, Robin Grave Mercy

Leitich Smith, Cynthia Blessed

Leitich Smith, Cynthia Diabolical

Leitich Smith, Cynthia Eternal

Lim, Rebecca Mercy

Maberry, Jonathan  Rot & Ruin

MacCullough, Carolyn Always a Witch

MacCullough, Carolyn Once a Witch

Maguire, Jamie     Beautiful Disaster

Matson, Morgan Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour

McCafferty, Megan Bumped

McDougall, Christopher Born to Run

McRae, Killian 12.21.12

Mead, Richelle Vampire Academy Book 1

Meadows, Jody Incarnate

Mellom, Robin Ditched:  A Love Story

Merle, Claire The Glimpse

Miles, Elizabeth Fury

Mitchell, Saundra The Vespertine

Mingle, Pamela  Kissing Shakespeare

Morrill, Lauren   Meant to Be

Myers, Walter Dean Kick

Oliver, Lauren Delirium

Omololu, C.J. Transcendence

Oram, Kelly    V is for Virgin

Perkins, Stephanie Anna and the French Kiss

Plum, Amy Die for Me

Powell, Laura   Burn Mark

Price, Lissa Starters

Redwine, C.J.   Defiance

Rees, Douglas The Juliet Spell

Rees Brennan, Sarah  Unspoken

Rice, Anne The Wolf Gift

Richards, Elizabeth  Black City

Riordan, Rick 39 Clues:  The Maze of Bones

Rought, A.E.     Broken

Roth, Veronica Divergent

Roth, Veronica Insurgent

Rowen, Michelle Dark Kiss

Ryan, Carrie The Forest of Hands and Teeth

Schreiber, Ellen Once in a Full Moon

Schwab, Victoria The Near Witch

Sheehan, Anna A Long, Long Sleep

Shepherd, Megan   The Madman's Daughter

Shultz, Cara Lynn Spellbound

Shultz, Cara Lynn Spellcaster (Spellbound #2)

Shusterman, Neal Unwind

Skovron, Jon Misfit

Skuse, C.J.    Rockaholic

Springer, Kristina The Espressologist

Stiefvater, Maggie   The Raven Boys

Strohm, Stephanie Kate Pilgrims Don’t Wear Pink

Sullivan, Laura Ladies in Waiting

Summers, Courtney   This Is Not a Test

Taylor, Laini     Daughter of Smoke and Bone

Thomas, Lex   Quarantine:  The Loners

Vance, Talia Silver

Verday, Jessica The Haunted

Verday, Jessica The Hidden

Verday, Jessica The Hollow

Voorhees, Coert Lucky Fools

Wasserman, Robin The Book of Blood and Shadow

Webber, Tamara   Easy

Werlin, Nancy Impossible

Whitten, A.J. The Cellar

Williams, Katie The Space Between Trees

Yang, Gene Luen American Born Chinese

Zink, Michelle A Temptation of Angels

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