Sunday, June 27, 2010

I'm doing what???

yes, i cannot believe that i am starting a personal blog.  i have been blogging for my graduate classes last semester and a little this summer.  those blogs were class assignments.  this blog is not!  i decided that i kind of liked being able to throw a little piece of my brain out into cyberspace and maybe find other like-minded book lovers who are slightly insane and 40 years old!

So, on this blog, I'm going to talk about my classes some and the books I read a lot.

First, I love to read supernatural fiction.  I will delve into sci fi or historical, but fantasy/horror is what I prefer.  I also love to read YA fiction.  Which is good since I want to be a high school librarian.  I am already a high school teacher, but moving to the library is going to make sense for me.

Right now, I'm trying desperately to read Captivate by Carrie Jones.  Of course, my classes keep getting in the way. ::shakes fist at Managing the School Library textbook::  So far, I like it, but not as well as I liked the first one, Need.  Of course, it's early in the book.  And I am definitely intrigued by it, it's certainly not boring!

 So, I'm off on my journey to talk about books.  I sort of like throwing a little piece of my brain out into cyberspace just to see where it goes.  If you want to take this crazy trip inside my mind, then welcome!