Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Once Upon a Read-a-thon mini challenge #2

This one comes from Kindle Fever and I was thrilled to see this one!  I"ve actually had this conversation with many people.....yes, that makes me a total book geek!

Once upon a time there was a bookish fight…

As the story teller, I now want you to tell me which two characters are fighting and WHY! If you want to, you’re also more than welcome to guess the outcome. ;)

Presenting, Celebrity Death Match:  YA Lit Challenge
In one corner, the friendly wizard, Cedric Diggory!
In the other corner, the sparkly, yet scary, Edward Cullen!

Cedric starts things off right away by attempting to throw the Avada Kedavra curse at Edward.  The vampire laughs because he's already dead, he can't be killed by the killing curse!  Edward attempts to use his super vampire speed to get to Cedric, but he's foiled when Cedric flies away on his broomstick!  It looks like they might be evenly matched.
Next, Cedric convinces Moaning Myrtle to help him flood the ring and wash Edward away, but even a ghost is not immune to the power of the dazzle!  Yikes!  Suddenly, Edward is using a flashlight to make himself sparkle.....and hitting that sparkle right into Cedric Diggory's eyes!  Oh no!  Is this the end?  Cedric Diggory is crawling toward the vampire and he snatches away the flashlight.  Now the two stand nose to nose.....wait!  What are they saying?
Cedric:  Hey!  You look familiar!
Edward:  You do too!
Cedric:  Oh my!  I think we're the same person!
Edward:  We're unstoppable with twice the good looks.
And ladies and gentlemen!  It's a draw!  But no one in the audience cares because they are all dazzled by the pretty!!  And that's it for today's challenge on Celebrity Death Match!

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