Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My New Rating System.....

.....was epic fail!  I hate using it.  It doesn't feel natural to me.  So I'm going back to what I do best--GRADES!  But let me clarify what each grade will mean.

A= Oh my God!  This book was so fabulous that I couldn't put it down.  I ignored my family all day.

B=I really liked this book--a lot.

C= This book was pretty good.

D= Meh.  This book was ok, I guess.  It would be better than reading a 2 year old copy of Sports Illustrated in the dentist office.

F= I really did not like this book or I didn't finish it.

Of course, I can add plus or minus, just like on your report card!

Whew!  I feel better already.  I guess you just can't teach an old dog new tricks. : )  I will put this up in the sidebar for reference as well.  Hopefully you will like the old rating system better also.

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