Friday, July 27, 2012

Feature and Follow Friday

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This week's question:  


Summer Reading:  What was your favorite book that you were REQUIRED to read in school?


I'm going to actually choose 2, one from high school (in the stone age!) and one from my recent graduate degree in Library Science.


High School:  Lord of the Flies by William Golding

I can remember being simultaneously horrified and fascinated with this book.  Some of my students just loathe this book and I cannot understand why.  This is a book that examines the worst of human nature and even in high school, I could not put it down.



Library Science Degree:  Playing with Matches by Brian Katcher

When this book arrived and I looked at the cover, I have to admit that I groaned and rolled my eyes.  I could not believe that I had to read.  Then I started reading it and I could not stop.  This book is amazing.  It's deep, it's relevant, it made me think and it had real spirit.  This book is like the opposite of Lord of the Flies.  It examines parts of the worst of human nature, but then it also shows how the human spirit can triumph in the face of adversity.  If you have not read this book, you should put it at the top of your TBR pile.

What about you?  What were the gems of required reading that you found in school?


  1. I haven't read either of those, but they sound interesting.
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  2. What weird-ass library science program requires 'Matches'? When I got my degree, the only literature we had to read was 'The Art of War.'

    1. Probably because you hadn't written Playing with Matches yet?? Just a guess..... : )

      I was so sad that I missed you last year at the NC School Library Media Conference! I had the wrong time in my brain and totally missed it! : (

  3. Hopping through. I've never heard of Playing with Matches but it sounds like just my kind of book.
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  6. Sorry I'm late. I had a busy weekend with 3 birthdays!

    Lord of the Flies would've been such a great read in school. I saw the movie when I was young. Never knew what it was called or that there was a book version until I was much older.

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My Summer Read was…Things Fall Apart By Chinua Achebe (Author) it was interesting ☺