Friday, August 10, 2012

Feature and Follow Friday

Feature and Follow Friday is a meme hosted by Parajunkee's View and Alison Can Read.  You can click on the button to find out more about it. 


This week's question:  

What would you do over if you were to start your blog again from scratch?

Wow!  ::scratches head::  That question took a bit of thought.  I sort of started book blogging by accident.  I started blogging for some of my classes in graduate school.  I ended up liking it because it was like a journal and it gave me a place to share my thoughts about stuff when I couldn't do it anywhere else.  You know, my husband wasn't in the classes and reading the texts, my kids don't care, etc.  So then I thought that it would be nice to throw out my thoughts on the books I read for pleasure as well.  I read some book blogs, so I decided that I would just start writing down my thoughts.  Obviously, I had no idea how people got followers or networked or any of that stuff.

I suppose if I started over, I would probably read a bit more on advertising my blog and networking with other bloggers.  I've learned by accident that it's great to participate in stuff going on in the book blog world, so I probably would have done that sooner.




  1. For me, building a network is the hardest and funnest part of blogging. It's great to have some friends online and to join in on the fun events! New follower.

  2. New follower!
    Yes, I'd do a bit more about advertising too :)

  3. I wish I would have started networking a lot earlier. New GFC Follower!
    My FF

  4. Hi Tammy, I'm definitely learning myself that blogging really involves so much more than just developing content. Learning as I go, that's for sure!

    I'm from Mother Daughter Book Reviews and I'm now following you via GFC (which I don't have), Networked Blogs, and email. Would love for you to reciprocate! Here's the link to my post:

    Have a nice weekend! :)

  5. Hi! Your answer was great!(: I'm a new blogger! Mind checking out my blog?(: And maybe possibly follow?(x

    New follower!

  6. I started kind of as an accident too - a way to keep up with my books for work. It quickly morphed way way beyond that! :)

    Have a lovely week :)
    The Brunette Librarian's FF & a special giveaway :)

  7. Networking is the big thing I should have done a little more of to. New follower via GFC : )

    Here is my FF