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False Memory by Dan Krokos

Book:  False Memory
Author:  Dan Krokos
Publisher:  Disney-Hyperion
Date:  August 14, 2012
Source:  Publisher via Netgalley
My grade:  A

Miranda wakes up alone on a park bench with no memory. In her panic, she releases a mysterious energy that incites pure terror in everyone around her. Except Peter, a boy who isn't at all surprised by Miranda's shocking ability.

Left with no choice but to trust this stranger, Miranda discovers she was trained to be a weapon and is part of an elite force of genetically-altered teens who possess flawless combat skills and powers strong enough to destroy a city. But adjusting to her old life isn't easy--especially with Noah, the boyfriend she can't remember loving. Then Miranda uncovers a dark truth that sets her team on the run. Suddenly her past doesn't seem to matter...when there may not be a future.

Dan Krokos' debut is a tour-de-force of non-stop action that will leave readers begging for the next book in this bold and powerful new series. (Cover and description from


Initial reaction
They have GOT to make this into a movie!

Title and cover
I really liked both the title and the cover.  The cover is attractive, but it won’t be a turn off for boys.  It screams “urban fantasy with little romance!” so that boys would be willing to pick it up.  Thank goodness there were no girls in fancy dresses on this cover!  I love the color scheme and I really like the electrical feel of the artwork, which goes along really well with the story.

What’s The Deal?
So, it’s like they took one of those movies, the ones with Angelina Jolie in a tight, black spandex bodysuit and turned it into a teen novel.  No lie.  If Angelina Jolie were 17, she would so star in the movie version of this book!

The premise was very interesting and very different.  These kids have these psychic powers that allow them to incite panic in people.  They’ve been raised together and trained together and they don’t really know what happened to their parents or any of their family.

The book starts off great!  Miranda is at a mall and she’s not sure how she got there and she can’t remember anything.  So that means that we readers get to follow along Miranda’s attempt to solve the whole mystery of herself along with her, which is a cool way to get the story of the novel.  As she learns things, we do too.

I really liked the characters in this book.  Well, not the evil ones, but you know what I mean.  They were interesting and the situation in which they found themselves was very engaging.  In fact, this novel was pretty much non-stop action and story from beginning to end.

One thing I really appreciate about this novel is the “boy appeal” factor.  This is a book that boys will like.  There are hot girls in black bodysuits, lots of weapons and fighting and even rides on motorcycles.  But it kept my attention as well.  There is a dash of romance in it, but it never veers into the mushy.


This book was a little difficult to find songs for.  It really needs some action movie a la Underworld type of music.  But I found a couple that I like:

Holly Brooks—What I Wouldn’t Give

Even though this song is not really “action movie” material, it deals with the whole theme of remembering and forgetting.

Slipknot—Before I Forget

This one has lyrics and music that match the book.  Cool!

All That Remains—Do Not Obey

This book really needed a song like this one—an angry anarchy anthem!

The Final Grade
My final grade for this book is an A.  It was a fast-paced, action-packed book that should really appeal to boys but will also appeal to girls who enjoy this genre.  It had some awesome sci-fi elements that made it read a lot like a movie.  Think new Total Recall in a YA book format and you’ve got it.

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