Sunday, July 18, 2010

I get to go to a book signing with Holly Black and Carrie Ryan!!!

I am seriously squealing like a fan girl at a Justin Bieber concert!  OK, probably not nearly as high-pitched and irritating as that, but you get the picture.

I was messing around on Facebook, because I was actually avoiding the horrible readings in my References textbook.  I saw that one of my friends had a post about a book signing that was just a line or two and then she had a link.  I clicked on the link and lo and behold!  It was an announcement of two surprise book signings from Holly Black!  And the one in Spartanburg, SC includes Carrie Ryan!!!!

Am I ever glad that I have just started reading The Forest of Hands and Teeth!!!!   And I am definitely going to go immediately and get a copy of Holly Black's new book, which was on my TBR list anyway, but which just got moved to the top.

So, I suppose I should at least go read some good fiction now.  It gives me another excuse to avoid that heinous textbook.  If I ever write a college textbook, I'm going to write it like an epic story.  My heroine will wake up one day to find that she secretly comes from a long line of special librarians and she has to attend a special librarian school.  Each year will bring more and more peril as she navigates the murky waters of librarianship, learning all about collection development, good reference materials, technology and ::gasps:: cataloging in the Dewey Decimal system!!!  I think I will create a year of school for each important area.  It will be amazing!  But I suppose I need to actually finish this MLS degree before I am qualified to write any textbooks.  Oh well.......


  1. That is a lot of squealing! Lmfao but congrats you're lucky! Really want to go to meet some authors. Any author will do lol. They never come to Jersey -__-

  2. Yes, I feel very lucky! Authors normally don't come to this area either. They tend to avoid the South like the plague. Except that I did get to see Stephenie Meyer in Atlanta in 2007. Talk about squealing, that was a 14 year old girl squeal-fest! : )