Sunday, January 20, 2013

I apologize for my lack of posts......

I know that I haven't really posted much of anything since mid-December, but I promise I have a good reason.  I got a new job!  I am now a high school librarian!  (does happy dance and heaves a sigh of relief that all the money paying for a Master's degree was not wasted)

I actually accepted the job on December 20th, so I spent most of Christmas break sorting through all my teacher stuff, boxing it up and figuring out what to do with it.  Now I have started at the library and what a mess!  The shelves were a wreck and nothing was in order and books were turned sideways on the shelf.  The book lover in me almost died when I saw it.  So, in the past 2 1/2 weeks my student assistants, my library assistant and I have RESHELVED EVERY SINGLE BOOK!!!  I have cataloged about 40 different things, cleaned out stuff and all kinds of other things.  I have been staying at work until about 6:00 every day, so when I get home, I'm rushing to get things under control here.

Anyway, things are starting to get under control, so I'm going to try really hard to get back to some regular posting.  If not right away, it will be soon.  So be patient with me while I get settled into my dream job! : )

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