Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday Recommend a.....

Recommend A...... is sponsored by Chick Loves Lit .  Every Monday, I just recommend one book that meets the weekly criteria!  Hooray!

This week's prompt is.......

 Recommend a book that reminds you of summer

Ok, true confessions time here.  I hate summer.  Well, I like being out of school and not teaching all summer, but I would really rather have vacation in the fall.  I hate the heat, I don't like the beach and I basically spend all summer sitting around trying to avoid going outside.  So at first, I stared in dismay at this prompt.  And then I remembered this book.........

Nothing screams summer like a road trip, right???  The one thing I love about summer vacation is taking long road trips, because I love going places.  So this is the absolute perfect summer read and makes me nostalgic for those long gone days of summer during my youth when my friends and I would pile up in a car and just go somewhere for no good reason at all.

This book is amazing and if you haven't read it yet, go get it fast and you too will become totally nostalgic for carefree summers.  You can find my review of it here.  So that's my recommendation.  What books remind you of summer?

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